Freedom For All

I am colored; I come to you,
I want to know what else I can do.
I fought in the battle of Guadalcanal,
My legs were blown off by enemy shells.

I also fought on the Bataan front,
I was shot in the back by a sniper runt.
I was on the island of Saipan;
The rise so many people fight man to man,
And now we are on the road to go,
To the rising sun - Tokyo.

I have also want the soil and Rome,
I know it now, like I know home.
I was in the 99th when our planes flew high,
And protect our bombers up in the sky.

I saw French peasants sing and dance,
When we liberated old, beautiful France.
And now we are off to the city of sin,
You know it well as old Berlin.

Oh! You must believe this that I say,
Because you see, I died yesterday.
And if I'm to rest within my grave,
Do not keep my people slaves.

By Sam Bundy
1203 Walnut street,,
Wilmington, Delaware